Welcome! My name is

Kayahan Aydin

grew up in Augsburg, Germany


About Me

Who I am

Since I was a child, I've been passionate about computers and technical related stuff. You'd call me a typical 'geek'. And I would be proud of it!

I seriously began tinkering with computers and software when I started with an Raspberry Pi. Be it a home server with an Wiki or a mediaserver, which was way too underperforming as the Pi wasn't nearly enough, private chat servers and the list goes on.
That's how I somehow gathered knowledge about GNU/Linux, because let's be honest, if you want to learn about GNU/Linux you have to play around with it, break it, and fix it again.
I fell in love with solving problems that way. I began working as an working student in IT at a company and was responsible for most GNU/Linux server distributions, additionally to that I got accustomed to Windows Server related work in the process.

That's more or less a quick glance of the technical knowledge I have acquired.
The second thing, which in my opinion is even more important for an good employee, is the social aspect in my live. I am particularly good at getting along with all kinds of people. I love to learn about their culture, work ethic, their thoughts and opinions.
Everything is an experience! I love to learn more things. There is an insatiable hunger for knowledge in me! I want to work somewhere, where the team and myself can move the company forward and be happy to work with each other.


Years working with Linux

Top Skills

What I do


Windows Server Administration

At an previous company I have worked with, I acquired some adminstration skills for Windows Server 2019. Especially in GPOs, Active Directory, DNS Management


Linux Server Administration

Multiple years in using server and distributions Ubuntu/Debian. I prefer to use the terminal for most of the maintenance and the GUI when the usability is better.



As much as work is important, it would be nothing without good social skills. That is what I excel at, working with people is something I love and I am good at it. Getting to connect with the right people for the right job and working together with them is essential.